Every morning our day begins by watching ourselves at least once in the mirror before leaving our home. We interact with it psychologically to find out how we look and how our attire is. A computer screen embedded in a mirror looks very futuristic. Looking into a mirror, it displays various notifications from social sites as well as news, weather forecast, and many more things. Such mirrors can function with the help of AI and control home appliances using IOT by voice or touch inputs. They're part of an optimistic vision of the future that imagines a world where screens and data are everywhere, ready to feed you whatever information you need at a moment's notice. Basically, the mirror looks like a normal mirror but when someone stands in front of it the scene changes. The mirror provides a functional, user-friendly and interactive UI to its users for accessing their social sites, messengers, etc. It has widgets for displaying the current weather updates, time, events and latest news headlines. The Smart Mirror would help in developing smart houses with embedded artificial intelligence, as well as finding its applications for industries. Controlling home appliances would be easy with the help of these mirrors. Having such an intellectual mirror will enhance the beauty of the home.


Features of IRIS

*Google Calendar

*Stock market updates

*live weather updates

*live news updates

*real-time face recognition

*Control over the entire security

*Customizable Personal notification and reminder

* Monthly Updates





 STELLAR REFLECT is an intelligent solution which notify your water bills, electricity bills even your appointments. Features of stellar reflect are not limited to this, you can send messages to your neighbors, send group notifications and moreover, it's a mirror doing all these functions.



 Gx PACE is a quick and unique solution for instant messaging and pushing notification. GX pace also is a digital notice board in which admin can send messages, videos, images or even voice with a single click.



 IRIS SHOW  is an interactive mirror display as well as a multi-purpose system that not only advertises your product, it can take feedback from the user and transform to a normal mirror whenever the user needs.